Christian Rieckmann’s organisation development consulting draws on 30 years’ experience working with and in the corporate world.

Core organisational questions that require continuous reappraisal include structure, design of processes, definitions of roles and interfaces. Any realignment needs to involve the people whose working lives are affected. Furthermore, to enable the right questions to be asked, all organisations need new external perspectives.

Leadership and Cooperation in Groups, Working successfully with other people, Solution-orientation and Alignment of Teams – for these challenges Christian uses his know-how of communication processes with the instruments required to introduce and facilitate them. Personal sensitivity in dealing appreciatively with the inherent contradictions within any organisation enable a focused approach to ensure that constructive agreements are reached.

His expertise is built on experience as an employee of Daimler and Rubbermaid Home Products, as well as consultation and support of senior managers and teams since founding Corporate Alignment Consulting (Coalcon®) in 1994. Additional qualifications in the field of psycho-social systems include Systemic Supervision, Group Dynamics and Organisation Development models such as EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) and Organizational Survival Code (David P. Hanna). He is also a practitioner of Scrum@Scale (Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner) und Scrum-Master (Certified ScrumMaster®), certified by ScrumAlliance (Jeff Sutherland).

The core competence of Christian Rieckmann, Corporate Alignment Consulting can be summarised as pragmatic, built on a broad theoretical and experiential foundation.

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